Teaching Philosophy

My approach is to make the lessons enjoyable as well as educational. It is important that the students not only enjoy themselves as they play, but also learn the skills, techniques and pieces that will help them develop and grow as a pianist. With determination, patience and commitment, learning to play the piano can be a life-changing experience. The proudest moments in my teaching career have been witnessing the transformative power of music on my students, and how they have grown into mature individuals. It is the hope that all of my students walk away from our time together carrying something more than the beautiful music they learn over the years.
I respect the unique qualities of each individual, and tailor the lessons according to the student's goals, musical interests, learning styles and personalities. I enjoy working with students of all interests and ability levels, from those that participate in competitions, ABRSM exams and NYSSMA Festivals, as well as those who take lessons simply to broaden their cultural experiences. It has been a great pleasure getting to know my students and sharing with them the joy and balance music brings to every life it touches.

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Dr. Liao is one of the most accomplished musicians and gifted teachers I have had the privilege of working with. I learned more about style and technique during two years with her than I had in a decade of study, and I approach music now in a very different way. Dr. Liao makes every principle of music easy to understand and apply to playing the piano, from practice habits to specific skill sets or exercises. Her ear is more finely tuned than any professor's I have worked with; she is immediately able to diagnose and correct anything that isn't musically immaculate.  Not only is she a wonderful pedagogue, she also has a terrific sense of humor. It was an honor and a joy to be her student for two years.

—Chelsea, sophomore at Snow College

There is no doubt that Ms. Amber is an excellent piano teacher, who always has a genuine interest in an individual. My son Alex was Ms. Amber’s private student for about seven years. She laid a solid foundation of musical skill and concepts for him, and he developed interests in not only classical but also in jazz and pop music. Under Ms. Amber’s guidance, Alex’s music theory and technique improve tremendously. More importantly, Alex is always ready to take up any challenges he faces. Thank you Ms. Amber for being a patient and professional teacher!

—Ming, mother of Alex


Dr. Liao is a great private piano teacher. She cares about her students and helps them to reach their potential. Throughout the year and a half I studied with her, I learned so much. My technique improved immensely along with my performance skills. Analysis of the piece is also something Dr. Liao is good at. She gives some direction as to what would make the piece sound good, but also lets her student figure things out. I would highly recommend Dr. Liao to any one looking for a private piano teacher.

—Ashlie, sophomore at Snow College

Ms. Liao has taught my two kids, and they love her! She turns the boring piano practice into fun exciting exercise. Ms. Liao is an enthusiastic teacher who believes in creating an environment in which students can learn. She likes to help kids find the joy in performing and in expanding their imagination. She inspires and maintains the kids’ love and interest in music, teaching them to communicate this form of art in order to express themselves in ways that are not possibly by other means.

—Julia, mother of Catherine and Eileen