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This collection of piano solo pieces are inspired by Taiwanese folk songs from the 1920s to 1950s. Growing up in Taiwan, I’ve listened to various arrangements of the songs, vocal or instrumental, from refreshing to corny. I used to think of these old melodies as outdated, unsophisticated and uninteresting. But after living abroad for more than two decades, I begin to appreciate them for their simplicity and the fascinating historical background associated with each one of them. It was with a feeling of nostalgia as well as pride that I composed the pieces in this collection.

Each piece is written with one or more pedagogical focuses—to master a piano technique, to learn about a music style, or both. The folk tunes are sometimes quoted in its entirety, or are arranged freely as a fantasy or variations. The collection serves as a book of etudes as well as a supplementary repertoire book for late intermediate to early advanced  students. Through the music, the students will learn about techniques and styles, as well as gain some understanding of a culture that might be unfamiliar to them.

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